You could be forgiven for thinking that erectile dysfunction is something that only men have to deal with alone. However, this condition has a significant impact on the relationship between the man and his partner. In such a case, the relationship or marriage he’s in is bound to experience some strain as a result. Erectile dysfunction is quite a common problem, especially among older men. About half of the men between the ages of 40 and 70 have to live with erectile dysfunction (1)

The Effect of Erectile Dysfunction in Relationships

What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction? 

Erection issues are primarily an obstacle that prevents a man from getting an erection that is rigid enough for penetration during sexual activity. A patient might get stimulation and desire sex, but their penis doesn’t respond to stimulation. Regardless of the kind of sex you’re having, you should be able to achieve an erection if you achieve sexual stimulation as a man. 

Erectile dysfunction isn’t tied to just one single cause. Sometimes it could be from mental pressure that inhibits your capacity to achieve erections. Other times it could be from nerve damage resulting from illnesses such as diabetes or hormonal changes in your body. The blood flow to the penis is cut off, so the penis cannot get erect (2)

How Does This Affect Relationships? 

For a man having trouble sustaining an erection, the amount of frustration and reducing self-worth can be overwhelming. A man might lose touch with their masculinity. They see this as a sign that their manhood and fertility are good and start doubting themselves. Sexual content and other media might pass around notions of lasting longer in bed, something that could further dampen an ED patient’s spirits (3)

When it comes to the partner, if they see that a man has trouble with erections, it might eat at their perception of themselves. They could end up thinking that their partner no longer finds them attractive. Sometimes, they might even assume that the partner is unfaithful, pursuing sexual pleasure outside of the relationship. This can bring about specific conflicts within a relationship that ruin the connection that a couple once had. 

How You Can Revive Your Relationship after ED Diagnosis

Erectile dysfunction is not something that most men are comfortable discussing (4). However, since this is a problem affecting both partners in a relationship, it would help first to talk freely about finding a favorable solution for both partners. It is a much better approach than ignoring the fact that there is a problem moving on with life as if nothing is happening.

It is essential to understand that your sex life will sometimes experience inevitable dips, something you should learn to handle. The problem could be something affecting the health of the man or even psychological pressures that he hasn’t solved. 

Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction and Its Effects

Several solutions exist to help with this condition and get you back your sex life. Among them is a penile implant device that seeks to restore erectile function to a man’s penis. This is usually done manually through the pumping action of the various components. A penile implant operation is a reasonably safe procedure with a friendly recovery period.  

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