A penile implant, also called a penile prosthesis, is a device that helps men with erectile dysfunction. Men can have numerous questions about surgery for a private part. The fear of side effects is apparent. It is a major question of how efficient penile implants are among men and how they can help.

An Introduction to Penile Implants

Penile Implant is a medical device that is implanted inside the body. It can help a man with Erectile Dysfunction, achieve an erection for intercourse. This implantation is also called Penile Prosthesis. There are other treatments available for EF that do not require any surgery, but Penile Implant Is a treatment where surgery is needed, and most essentially, this is permanent implantation.

This surgery includes complete removal of the corpora cavernosa, tissues that are responsible for getting an erection. And placing a replacement for them that can be inflated or deflated when there is a need for an erection. Once a patient has gone through this process, it cannot be revered. The irreversible nature of this treatment is the main reason that it is considered when no other treatment is displaying any sign of improvement.

Although the success rates are high for this treatment, it is still not suitable for every patient. In some cases, other treatments can be helpful. It should be considered as the last resort, and It is highly advisable to discuss it with a urologist and partner before getting this treatment.

Advantages of Penile Implants

In many cases, it is observed by patients that the sensation and ejaculation areas before implantation. This treatment has restored confidence and pleasure in many patients, as this solution shows its effect instantly, whereas patients using other treatments have to wait for the effect.

Disadvantages of Penile Implants

The risk of infection and device malfunctioning is always there, although it is rare. But chances are always there. In some cases, shortening of the penis is also observed, even though, in many cases, it’s not noticeable.

Types of Penile Implants

The tissues that fill with blood to form an erection are replaced with material that can artificially form erections. There are two types of implantation available.

Malleable (Bendable) Penile Implants

In this implantation, rods are used and placed in the shaft of the penis. Then the penis position can be used to get an erection. It can be placed up to get an erection and then place down when needed.

Inflatable Penile Implants

Two cylinders are used in this implantation and placed in the penis. These cylinders are inflamed by filling them with fluid to make the penis erect. These are connected to a pump that is surgically placed in the scrotum, which can be activated to fill the cylinders with fluid, and then it can be deactivated. Three-Piece unit and Two-Piece unit are the two variations of these implants.

Reviews of Penile Implants

This treatment has a positive impression on medication faculties and patients. Many patients have reported great experience without any side effects.

  • In 2018, the Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted a study of around 902 men that had gone through the implantation. 93% of them were extremely satisfied with the implantation.
  • According to another study of 142 men in Italy, reported all of the patients were satisfied with the implantation.
  • According to a report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine about a study conducted on 883 couples who have gone through the implantation. Rates of success with three-piece inflatable solutions were higher than malleable solutions. 90% of the couples that chose Malleable solutions said they are almost or very satisfied. And couples with inflatable solutions had a satisfaction rate of 96 to 99%.

Many patients and couples have reported that the implementation of penile implants was easy and simple. And they observed no difference in their ability to enjoy sexual activities.

Why Are Penile Implants Needed?

There are many treatments available for ED in the form of pills, injection, and supplementary. But, it is really hard to recommend these treatments to patients.

These treatments only work for specific cases, and in some cases, their treatments are proven a disaster. Penile Implant is one of the successful and proven solutions based on some research and studies. But, it is a big decision that needs an interactive discussion with your partner and urologist.


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