For men, talking about penile implants is a sensitive matter. However, these devices are essential as they give these men the ability to take back their sexual function if they experience erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction often comes as a result of aging, conditions such as diabetes, and as an effect of suffering from prostate cancer (1).

This is where penile implant usage comes in handy because it helps your penis achieve a rigidity that is essential for sexual activity. Your urologist has to ensure that the penis maintains its typical functions. However, the only problem would be your level of satisfaction when it comes to sexual activity.

What You Need To Know About Sex After an Implant Procedure

Changes to Expect after the Implant Procedure

As with any surgical procedure, the patient is expected to have some form of anxiety before it is done. However, penile implant surgery is renowned for being a safe and swift process that guarantees excellent results (2). After you get out of the hospital, you will need some time to adapt to the new prosthesis.

The experience varies from person to person and could also be influenced by what type of implant you have. However, recovery takes a short time and should not interfere with your life quality. You should expect a happier life after recovering since now you will be able to regain your sexual function

Ejaculation and Orgasms after Implantation

Getting an orgasm after your penile device implant procedure is pretty much the same as it was without it (3). Your sex life takes on a massive boost since now, the penis will be firmer, giving you that much-needed confidence. As a result, the effect will be well documented in your sexual performance. In the procedure, the surgeon tries as much as possible not to interfere with the nerves that are responsible for sexual pleasure.

This ensures that your penis remains sensitive to stimulation. The amount of seminal ejaculate doesn’t change either, and the original quality of your sperm remains intact. This happens because the implant doesn’t change anything about the pars responsible for semen production.

Urination After the Implant Placement

Before the implant is placed in the penis, a lot of planning goes into determining the nerve location and prosthesis length. The main focal point of this process is the urethra. It influences how the implant is placed within the penile structure and also dictates the path of the incision. The prosthesis typically has a pair of cylinders that are positioned to fit in with the girth and length of the penis.

It is placed in such a way that it does not interfere with the urethra, where urine passes as it gets out of the bladder. Therefore, the procedure is not supposed to alter your urination. It only focuses on the rigidity of the penis and is in no way connected to the urination process.

Sex after Implant Procedure: Quick Guidelines

Your doctor should guide you on how to effectively get the most out of your implant device. By employing the specified guidelines, your penis will still retain its usual functionality and sensitivity. Getting a penile implant is not something that you need to worry about since everything is done to ensure that your sexual health remains in good condition.

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