Many men are found these days running towards their nearest pharmacy to get hold of Viagra to stay active for their erectile issues! One in every five men is said to be impotent in Great Britain. 

The inability to get an erection for sexual activity is called Erectile Dysfunction. It is a disease that is common and has affected around thirty million men in America only. Erectile Dysfunction is a disease that has many root causes. The factors are divided into two categories, physical and psychological. 

Before we dive into the argument of either this disease is psychological or not? Let’s start with getting to know what is it and what is the normal physiology behind it! 


A man who is sexually stimulated, his nervous system releases nitric oxide that runs towards the male genital-penis. The nitric oxides release further triggers the production of a messenger called cGMP. This chemical messenger allows the blood to run towards the penis, causing it to erect. The healthy and comprehensible physiology is inhibited by the production of an enzyme called PDE-5. This enzyme breaks down the messenger cGMP, which stops the blood from flowing towards the penis. Thus, interfering with the ordinary phenomenon of erection. 

When one is mentally or physically active, erection takes place. Anything you see, think, feel, smell, or hear causes the brain to secrete the chemical messengers that allow the opening of the arteries in the penis. These arteries will enable the gush of blood to run towards the penis, which results in the increase and expansion of the size of the organ. This function does not work correctly when this procedure is disrupted anywhere. There are numerous factors that lead to erectile dysfunction. 


In most cases, erectile dysfunction is the cause of physical factors such as diabetes, heart problems, or obesity. Alos the lifestyles that involve smoking and drinking alcohol are one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Other men may have this problem because of the psychological factors such as depression and stress.  Though they are both treatable but what is necessary to focus is the root cause of the erectile dysfunction. 


The physical conditions that lead to erectile dysfunction are many. One of them includes heart diseases. Any issue that blocks the blood flow towards the penis is the reason for the dysfunctionality. Other illnesses that stop or decrease blood flow include high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. 

Any physical issue that affects the normal functioning of the nervous system also leads to erectile dysfunction. Diseases such as multiple sclerosis disrupt the impulses sent by the brain towards the penis. The other conditions in this category include Parkinson’s Disease and any stroke or injury to the spine.

The hormonal imbalance decreases hormone testosterone’ levels. This is the male sex hormone. Any condition that leads to the imbalance of hormones will cause erectile dysfunction. 

Any person who takes medication that puts an effect on the hormonal balance or blood flowing towards the penis will also cause erectile dysfunction. Even in any case, if the normal anatomy of the penis is altered or affected will also result in the impotence of men such as Peyronie’s disease. In this disease, the penis erects but is bent. 


Physical impotence is natural and may be due to age or medical issues. On the other hand, psychological impotence has reasons related to the mental condition of men. It is not easily detectable, diagnosable, or treatable. First of all, many men feel uncomfortable talking about it, and once they start telling the problem comes where the issue lies and how to solve it. It is a condition that is recommended not to be treated with pills. The psychological erectile dysfunction can only be processed when the root cause is rightly addressed at the source. 

Before getting into the reasons for the psychological erectile dysfunction, let us first clear how common is it and who can suffer from it? 

The psychological disease can happen to anyone and at any time. Almost 20 to 30 percent of men go through psychological erectile dysfunction at some points in their lives. According to the research, this percentage mentioned earlier does not include the men who are either ashamed of discussing it or feel uncomfortable to confront the doctors. 

Though erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone, it is common in older men. Regardless of the physical or sexual health of men, it can happen to any men of any age. The aged men face this problem more because of the lower levels of testosterone and less blood flow towards the penis. 


The first thing the patient needs to do is rule out the physical causes behind erectile dysfunction. If no explanation is related to physical conditions, then it is evident that the problem is due to psychological factors. 

You can double-check by the experience of getting an erection in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Or if you can have the erection when you are alone. If there is a decrease in these two experiences, then you should look for the psychological factors for your erectile dysfunction. 


Stress and Depression 

Stress can be because of your work or family life, or because of the financial crisis, you are facing. In any stress, the men are likely to have erectile dysfunction. The stress hormones released in the body prevent the penis from getting an erection because of the less blood flow towards the organ.  

On the other hand, depression and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand. Seventy-six percent of the people who have depression have erectile dysfunction. Depression causes the person to be low on everything. When there is no energy and will to do anything, ultimately, this affects the erection function while having sex. Depression hinders the activities of the brain and nervous system. This, in return, causes the inhibition of the chemical messengers’ secretion that causes the increase in the blood flow towards the penis. 

Anxiety while performing 

Many men fear for their performance in the bed. The more one worries about the penis size and ability to make your partner happy, the more are the chances of erectile dysfunction. The fear and overthinking about the performance in bed makes one have a paralyzing effect. When one is stressed, the brain releases the hormones of fight and flight that cause the body to stay active for any threat. In this case, the erection is not the priority at all, and men fail to get it ultimately. 

Pornographic addiction 

Often called porn-induced erectile dysfunction, this is the dependency on the pornographic videos that result in impotence. Many men watch porn to get an erection, which in turn trains the brain to trigger the erectile by seeing the porn only. Not only that, watching porn increases the expectations of the partners as everything in the porn is ideal. This idealistic situation is never realistic when you are in bed about to perform. This expectation leads to psychological erectile dysfunction. 


Many men have guilt over anything they have done or are still doing. The men who are not faithful to their partners usually end up in erectile dysfunction due to the guilt they have. Any man who considers sex to be sinful for any reason will have erectile dysfunction. 

 Self-esteem that is too low 

A person who has low self-esteem will experience guilt, depression, and stress. These conditions trigger erectile dysfunction. The people having esteem too low will consider themselves to be inadequate and unsexy, which will cause them to be confused while performing. This will lead to impotence, and if once this happens, the self-esteem starts to lower down more and more trapping the man in the cycle of low self-worth. 

Sexual Indifference 

When one becomes sexually indifferent, then obviously, this will result in erectile dysfunction. An unresponsive man loses interest in sex. The loss of interest can be due to boredom or conflict in the relationship with the partner. There is no dopamine burst involved when one is not interested in having sex. Dopamine causes a feeling of excitement and pleasure. Less dopamine cause erectile dysfunction in men. 


The people who are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to physical factors can get rid of it by medications. There are several medications available to them. The patient must talk to the doctor first and then start the treatment. One should never listen to a friend’s problem solved and start following it. The medications that worked for him might not work for you. The patient needs to take the prescription from the expertise before beginning the medication. 

On the contrary, where the physical erectile dysfunction can be treated with medication, it is not the case when it comes to psychological impotence. The psychological erectile function is because of your brain’s inability and your self-confidence that inhibits you from performing poorly and resulting in impotence. The treatment is related to triggering the sexual drive; medication won’t work here. Profiled below are the self-treatments you need to have to overcome your problem!

Discuss it with your partner

Talking to your partner about your problem will solve half of the problem then and there. When you talk to your partner about erectile dysfunction, you come up with the fact that some of the unrealistic expectations were unnecessary. This reduces stress and anxiety, and you start to ease yourself out. Not only that, but it also brings you two close to one another and increases the intimacy also. 

Talk to your therapist 

Many men feel weak to talk to a therapist about their issues. Talking to a professional therapist about the guilts and stresses you have will lower down their intensity. And remember one thing this is a space where you can talk about anything as everything is under the roof of confidentiality. The therapist will work out the possibilities to overcome the problems you are having, and ultimately you will be relaxed and able to perform well in bed too. 

Use the guided imagery 

The therapy mentioned above is useful in overcoming the problem of erectile dysfunction. Sexual education and guided imagery have solved 75 percent of men’s erectile dysfunction problems. The guided imagery requires the patient to relax and go under the visual exercises that make the mind to get control over his body by eliminating some thoughts and feelings that are not helpful. This therapy can be done in your home, too, if you do not feel right to go to a therapist clinic. 

 All in all 

Erectile dysfunction, let it be physical or psychological, is treatable only if one takes the proper path to get it cured. Remember talking about sensitive issues such as impotence is not shameful at all. Anyone can have any problem and discussing it with your partner or doctor is not something one should worry about. The patients should focus on getting the problem treated rather than thinking of what people would think or say! The men must get adequately educated on sex. This will help them to have expectations that are realistic and will end in having a successful performance in bed. Psychological erectile dysfunction is an emotional barometer, and one needs to pay attention to it immediately before things turn wrong and irreversible. Don’t ignore what your body is continuously trying to tell you. De-stress yourself and lessen the depression by occupying yourself in activities that relax your mind and body both. 

Erectile dysfunction can be healed by getting help from a psychologist or talking to a therapist. It should be noted that impotence should be discussed with your partner to get her confidence and trust. This will help in gaining emotional support and encouragement to get through this difficult time. Furthermore, it can even increase the chances of healing erectile dysfunction just by taking minimal actions.